Sea Shell

Take the style and features of our original 1977 wooden Rivershell, add an enclosed cockpit and a “battle proof” carbon fiber hull and deck you have the SeaShell Double. It can accommodate one or two complete rowing stations, for sometimes you have a friend to row with, and sometimes you don’t. It was designed with as much emphasis on ruggedness as on performance, and utilizes both with flying colors. The Small Boat Journal published a Consumer Report’s test of all the recreational doubles on the market today. They chose the SeaShell Double overall in design, performance, and the features you should look for, ranking it the number one recreational double in the country.



Many clubs and organizations have found the SeaShell Double to be the ideal craft, accommodating a rigorous schedule with its maintenance-free, “throw in the back yard” concept. It can handle the most demanding program, with a hull and deck construction far superior to most so-called “recreational” shells. Multi-layered foam laminates create a superstructure and flotation device throughout the shell, strategically placed to increase stiffness and durability. All hardware and fittings are through-bolted, rather than screwed, to insure a lifetime of proper engineering.



The design also lends itself towards greater performance, especially in choppy waters. Its high reverse splashrails surrounding the cockpit keep the rowers dry, where water simply doesn’t belong. It also includes two drain plugs and a water tight porthole with a storage bag.

The most attractive feature of the SeaShell Double is the option of rowing the craft as a double, a single, or a single with a passenger, offering three operations in one hull. The shell comes pre-fitted with extra hardware in the cockpit, allowing the simple transfer of the seat assemblies to the center position for proper balance as a “single” shell. The entire switch taking only minutes.

Should your rowing environment or lifestyle dictate versatility in your desires encourage performance, the SeaShell Double is everything from a solo effort to a family affair in a maintenance-free design. It is the choice of today’s rowing family.

Rowing Sea ShellRowing Sea Shell Double RowingDouble Rowing SeatSeat
Sea Shell ConfigurationSea Shell Configuration Sea Shell SeatSea Shell Seat OarloacksOarloacks



  • One-person, two-person, or one with passenger
  • Lightweight
  • Full reverse splashrail for dry ride
  • 4-way adjustable welded rigging
  • Cored deck, rugged hull
  • Through-bolted hardware
  • Storage port, drain plugs


Length 24′ or 7.32 m
Beam 22″ or 55.9 cm
Weight (rigged as a Double) 83 lbs. or 37.7 kg
Weight (rigged as a Single) 73 lbs. or 33.1 kg
Capacity 450 lbs. or 204 kg

Suggested Purchase Order

SeaShell Double Carbon Includes ability to convert to a single $4995
2 pair Macon sculling oars carbon/glass $1092


Cover $465
Shell Dolly $225
Cartop System $119