Rowing Shell

The Cambridge is now the most popular open water shell in North America.


What makes the Cambridge the best open water shell made?:

1. Lightest to carry at 34 lbs. Quick release wing rigger for easy car-topping & storage. Removing the rigger means you are carrying only 34 lbs!
2. Dryest row in choppier waters of any design. A full reverse Waveguard that wraps around the cockpit keeps the water out. Other designs let it in, then require you to row very hard to get it back out.
3. Most stable of the popular open water shells. The flared sides make it low and stable.
4. Most stiff and toughest shell made. Why?

  • (1) Complete carbon-fiber hull and deck
  • (2) full-length molded fiberglass I-beam
  • (3) Molded ribs inside
  • (4) vinylester resin

**These 4 items combined add incredible durability
(and a little weight, but we aren’t trying to be the lightest, that’s for racing. Just the strongest.)
5. Best design for average and large size men. Interestingly, all the flat deck boats (including our Regatta) best fit women and smaller men. The Cambridge hull is about 2 inches deeper.
6. Low volume cockpit Enclosed on 3 sides, (not 4), which is self-bailing by design – you can’t sink or swamp this shell!
A tracking fin, storage bag, water bottle shelf, and a built-in back rest!
Racing quality welded rigger, Concept II oarlocks, dual action composite seat, and mega-adjustable stretchers.
Our riggers have all (not just some) of the adjustments a racing shell has.

Cambridge Rowing Shell

7. Great looks! A modern flared hull shape means:

  • In choppy waters, the width of the shell actually gets wider as the boat tips side to side, giving you more stability when you need it.
  • In calm waters, the beam of the boat is more narrow, giving you the speed one loves in calm conditions.
    The Cambridge has become the most sought after open water rowing shell offered today.

8. Adaptable. Probably the most important feature is its ability to adapt to you and your surroundings with incredible results; it’s a forgiving craft while learning, a safe and comfortable craft when needed, and a rewarding craft when challenged.

If you want to get hooked on the sport of rowing, you’re going to fall in love with the Cambridge!



Cambridge Photo Gallery

 cam004large  camb-010large  cam-002large interior
 cambridge01 camb-009large  camb-003large Jumping waves in a Cambridge
 camb-019large  cambridg camb-020large  custom_outfitted_ofshore_cambridge